3 Minutes or Die

(3min Escape Room)

Do you have what it takes to solve the riddles before the shot gun blows your head off? One of our crazies by the name of Critter has set a trap for you to try your luck. You will get locked in this old out house. There are several tasks that have to be solved before the door will unlock and free you. If you don't finish in 3 minutes you will meet your end by Critter’s shot gun.

The Slaughter House

(30min Escape Room)

This old abandoned house was condemned about 15 years ago due to all the murders that occurred constantly. It is known as the house of slaughter or the house of pain. The backwood folk from Slaughter Mountain were said to come down and lure victims in this house and torture them until death. These folks were very cruel and ritualistic cannibals. All of their left-over torture tools and traps were forgotten about.

You and your family are now allowed clearance to enter. Only to find out it's not what’s in the house, but who is still in here with you? Try to solve the riddles and find out just what they have done. You can only hope that the Slaughter Mountain folk are not here with you. Please remember they are cannibals who thrive on self-mutilation and pain. And they love to torture the innocent.

Miners Revenge

(30min Escape Room)

In 1974, there was a fateful accident at the Slaughter Mountain Mine. The legend goes that it was caused by miners who were working on site at the time, a prank-gone-wrong in an attempt to haze the newest addition, Leroy. Trapping their coworker in a corner of the mine, the five went back to their jobs. Little did they know that what they were blowing up that day would cause an avalanche, causing rocks and rubble to kill Leroy. Shortly after Leroy’s death, the five who trapped him in the mine began to disappear...one...by...one...

It is rumored that Leroy still roams the mine, waiting to take anyone who enters. You and your friends don’t believe the hype and decided to enter the mine, effectively trapping yourselves. Can you figure out the puzzles and escape in one piece? Or will all of you meet...Leroy.

In Loving memory of The Miner Paul Taylor