The Weeping Willow Nursing Home is an Institution where all the crazies go when no one else will have them. Doctors and Monsters alike roam the halls of this demented Institution. The Doctors conduct experiments on the residents and specialize in torture. They are waiting to welcome a new round of patients. WILL YOU BE NEXT??



This attraction is an outdoor Haunted Trail, located upon Manslaughter Mountain, here on the Farm. All of the “hill” people that live on the mountain are very different; Mutants or oddities, if you will. They have laid claim to this mountain many years ago and we have had a treaty with them; No One Goes Up… And None of Them Come Down… Until Now! We have noticed several farm animals gone missing and just last week a group of kids from the adjoining farm went up the mountain and have never come back down. Police are baffled and don’t believe in all the stories about Manslaughter Mountain. So now the treaty is off, and we are sending you to see what’s going on, and if you can find the kids.



Now available with two “Ride Stories” for you to choose. One story is more traditional and the other is more frightening. All your senses will be involved; a simulated ride to the grave in a wooden casket. Laying on your back in the pitch black, you will hear the “Sounds”, you feel the “Movements”, and you will “Smell the Roses, the Dirt, and the Decay! Your family and friends will watch your reactions on the “Casket CAM”!

The Cockney Gravediggers load you into a “hotrod Hearse” and take you on a wild ride to the gravesite. They place you in the hole, and shovel in the dirt until you hear nothing but silence… Then the bugs and creepy crawlies attack to an unnerving crescendo, and just when you think all is lost… The lid opens to a welcomed breath of fresh air, and WELCOME BACK!

“THE CRYPT” Coffin Ride

This experience, like “The Last Ride” is so different being entombed with a friend, only to discover the stories.



The Game Master has gone crazy and taken your group hostage. The group is now trapped in the Grinder Escape House. The group will have 30 minutes to solve the puzzles created by the Game Master and find everyone in the group. Failure means you are forced to watch members of you group die before the Game Master Kills everyone!




You and your friends thought the abandoned Slaughter Mountain Mine would be a great place to party. You could not have been more WRONG! Now you and your friends are trapped in the Mine, pursued by the Murderous Miner. You have 30 minutes to figure out the Miners traps and escape the Mine.



The end of the world is upon us and the Zombie Apocalypse has begun, The Army needs your help to find the Zombie Virus cure. The number of Zombies is growing at an unstoppable rate. Scientists have created a cure, but we are cut-off by hordes of Zombies in this building. Retrieve the Zombie Virus Cure and take it to X Base. Hold your position until we get back up. If you make it till they arrive you will save the World! Try not to get “turned” and watch each other’s backs!



Come join us on our “FOTF Bone Collector Bus”. Groups will load at FOTF, then we will head down into the Town of Winfield. You will hear about the dark haunted past of this small town. Tons of true ghost stories and visit local sites and graveyards.