Bloody Mary - Scary Tales

The all brand new 30 min haunted house for 2024. Online price is $27 for General Admission. Combo price for Bloody Mary and The Last Day is $39 – Savings of $5!

Come with us and travel to a land of pure terror. Be prepared to experience both fear and nostalgia as you meet your favorite storytime creatures like you've never seen them before. And BEWARE of the most dangerous of these creatures, Bloody Mary! See what happens when nobody gets their Happily Ever After.

The Last Day ?

Try our new zombie filled haunted house for the fall 2024 season! Online price is $17 for General Admission. Combo price for The Last Day and Bloody Mary is $39 – Savings of $5!

See if you can get through the abandoned, zombie infested warehouse in 10 minutes or it may be your LAST DAY on earth!

Did we mention you will be blindfolded and in total darkness as you try to make your escape?

Mysterious Mansion

- A Virtual Reality Experience unlike anything you can imagine

This is a virtual reality experience like no other. You have been chosen to take a tour of the Mysterious Mansion. This residence has been around since the early 1900's and is haunted by many apparitions. There were several murders in this place only to leave the tormented souls behind. Try to make your way through and discover all that is left.